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2 Bedroom property £ 240 000

2 Bedroom property with a big rear garden

Four Bedroom Detached £ 360 000

Family Home with Single Garage

2 Bedroom Bungalow £ 900 / month

Light and Spacious 2 Bedroom Bungalow

3 Bedroom House £ 1 000 / month

3 bed property near network rail ,good location. Big kitchen ,front and rear garden ,big sitting room with extended conservatory . First floor does have 3 bed along with big toilet.A well working jacuzzi.


Double Room £ 300 / month
Three Bedroom Semi Detached £ 180 000

Spacious and Bright 3 Bedroom Semi Detached Home

2 Bedroom Modern Apartment £ 870 / month

Stunning 2 Bedroom Apartment Home


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Innovation in Estate Agency Business model price structure and charges

Property Owners in Milton Keynes don’t have to be dominated by Traditional Estate Agents.

“Market is still dominated by Traditional Estate Agents” and “There is lack of innovation in business model price structure and charges” These were the very words used by the OFT to describe the Estate Agency Market.  The OFT report found “surprisingly little innovation” in relation to the traditional model of selling property.

As above the dominant model was the traditional estate agent with a high street shop front presence, retained by the seller and paid a fee on completion based on a percentage of the achieved price.  The OFT had expected to see estate agents looking to cut costs by shifting more of their operations online.   Another striking feature of the market was the homogeneity of the service offering. Most estate agents offered broadly the same package of services – valuation, production and distribution of marketing material, accompanied viewings, and negotiation – at broadly the same price, one to two per cent of the achieved sale price.

ADVANCE have addressed those concerned findings by the OFT and innovated the Estate Agency and Letting Agency business model with price structure and charges by offering leading an innovation menu of services to the consumers in Milton Keynes.

Now you have a better Choice!

One Great Reason to Sell with Advance: Referral Commission for family member, colleague or a friend: At Advance, consumers are being offered an attractive business model package to sell properties.  Associated contact of the property owner will qualify to a referral commission after the sale of the property.  For example: if the spouse was to refer her husband’s name to Advance the spouse will qualify to receive the commission or if another colleague or a friend of the property owner was to refer the property to us he/she will qualify automatically for the referral fee.

This above innovation business package is breaking away from the traditional business model. 

We aspire to go beyond the standards set by others, and progress forward to raise the bar of excellence:   

We Guarantee to sell within 6 weeks of contract stat date if not Compensation is being offered:

Fixed fee of 0.9%: The fees are being charged is much more competitive than any other traditional estate agents as low as 0.9% compared to 1.5% to 2.5% by others.

The price and the guarantee to sell, shows how property owners do not have to be dominated by the traditional estate agents, they have a choice now to secure maximum return on sale of their property and sell it fast and efficiently.

ONE Great Reason to sell with: Advance: £300 referral commission each time you refer a property for sale.

Quick Sale:

We do have cash buyer in our panel and foreign investor which would lead to sale your property very quick.

Please call: 01908 368000

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